Motocamp 2009

5 05 2009

A little web presence to keep track of all the motocamp details.  Road reviews, campgrounds, and pix from the road. 

Campground information:

Friday night – Deschutes River State Park (Letter “I” on the map above).
Saturday night – Unity Lake State Park (Letter “E” on the map above).

Road Review information:

Portland – The Dalles (120 miles; ~ 2 hours)
The Dalles – Condon (53 miles; ~1.5 hours)
Condon – Heppner (43 miles; ~ 1 hour)
Heppner – Ukiah (64 miles; ~ 1.5 hours) – Ukiah allegedly has a gas station
Ukiah – Unity Lake (120 miles):
          1) Ukiah – FR 73 (NF 52) (40 miles)
          2) NF 52 – Sumpter (OR 220) (25 miles)
          3) Sumpter – OR 245 (OR 7) (20 miles) – there is gas in Sumpter
          4) OR 7 – Unity (OR 245) (35 miles)
Unity – Fossil (154 miles; ~ 4.5 hours):
          1) Unity – Austin (NF 20) (US 26) (2o miles) – there is gas in Unity
          2) Austin – US 395 (NF 20) (42 miles) – there is gas in Austin at the junction w/ US 26
          3) NF 20 – Long Creek (US 395) (13 miles) – there is gas in Long Creek
          4) Long Creek – Monument (21 miles) – there is gas in Monument (closes at 4pm on weekends)
          5) Monument – Fossil (OR 19/207) (60 miles) – There is gas in Fossil
Fossil – Maupin (OR 218 + Bakeoven Road) (70 miles; ~ 2 hours)
Maupin – Govy (OR 216 + US 26) (45 miles; ~ 1 hour)
Govy – Portland (64 miles; ~ 1.5 hours)




8 responses

5 05 2009

Doood. Nice work. Yesh, let’s keep it updated with sweet photos and whatnot.

5 05 2009

I like this a lot more than keeping a ridiculous e-mail thread. I wish this had caught on for other trips! I think the FDE blog is still out there if we want to revive that, too.

5 05 2009

Yeah, it’s way easier to keep this updated than to sort through a gchain. Especially since those sometimes collapse.

6 05 2009

In the meantime I think we should put together a spring overnighter. Maybe out towards the beach? 101?

6 05 2009

Speaking of gas stations, the old beast goes around 120 miles before reserve and then another 30 or so. What can you guys do? (if needed, i can always strap a can on the back)

6 05 2009

we plan very carefully. i’m trying to track down additional gas stations online. toting gas would be nice if you have the space (i have a little 1 gallon can you can borrow), but hopefully we won’t have to.

6 05 2009

yeah, looking around on google, it doesn’t seem like there’s any gas between unity and fossil, which is a long 150 mile stretch. apparently there is gas in john day, which is about 115 miles from fossil (via long creek and mount vernon). maybe we should amend the route?

aubrey – i think you’ve been on that stretch of 26. any thoughts about it?

also, it’s worth noting that we’d be hitting these gas stations on a sunday. i wonder if they’re open then? one approach would be to scoot the trip back a day, starting thursday night, but that would require some people to take a vacation day.

8 05 2009

updated w/ new gas info.

and a short coast ride sounds cool. not sure i can camp, tho.

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